Bands for Dancinghelpful tips

Live music is the quickest route to an unforgettable party…

About our bands…

  1. Our bands are fully self-contained and provide all the equipment they need
  2. They can also provide band lighting if your venue doesn’t have any
  3. They’ll put on recorded music during breaks, or you can provide a playlist on your device
  4. Many bands are happy to learn a special song for your first dance
  5. They’ll also tailor their set-list to reflect your tastes

do i need a band, a dj or both…?

  1. The atmosphere generated by a great band is hard to beat, but…
    …booking a DJ rather than a band gives you much greater input into the evening’s playlist
  2. How many guests are you expecting? A DJ can be a better option for smaller weddings
  3. How much time is there to fill? Bands usually play for around two hours, split in to two or three sets…
    …whilst DJs can play for much longer, and don’t usually take any breaks
  4. Our bands provide recorded music during their breaks - or you can plug in your own phone/tablet with a pre-loaded playlist
  5. How much performing space is available? DJs are usually compact, but bands can take up rather more space
  6. If your evening party lasts more than about 4 hours, consider booking both a band and a DJ
  7. A good DJ costs as much as a very mediocre band and a good band costs three to four times as much as a good DJ
  8. There’s no such thing as a good, cheap DJ or band: they’re either good or cheap. Never both!