Church Ceremonyhelpful tips

Book through us and we’ll help you find the perfect music for each part of your ceremony.

Entrance of the Bride

Every bride wants to make sure her entrance music is exactly right. Here how to do it:

  1. Choose music that reflects your personality – don’t forget, very quiet entrance music can be stunning!
  2. If the church is small, avoid a piece with a long introduction or you’ll be at the altar before the music gets going
  3. Larger church? Choose a piece which can be extended so the music doesn’t stop before you’re ready to start the ceremony.


  1. Choose well-known hymns – it’s the one part of the day that involves everyone
  2. You’ll probably need to select two or three hymns
  3. Put the most dramatic hymns first and last, with a quieter, more reflective hymn in the middle
  4. Jerusalem – if chosen – should always be the final hymn!
  5. Our suggested hymns ought to be well-known even to those who haven't been near a church since school.
  6. Click here to view/download words for 16 of the most popular hymns for church wedding ceremonies
  7. The words of many “wedding” hymns have nothing to do with marriage at all – they’ve just become associated with weddings
  8. If you’d prefer your hymn words to be more wedding-specific, then we have a few interesting ideas – contact us for a chat

Signing of the Register

  1. The signing of the register normally takes 5 to 10 minutes
  2. It normally takes place in the vestry (ie out of sight of the congregation), but…
  3. …it can be quicker if you sign the register in the body of the church
  4. We prefer this, as the congregation remain involved and you get to hear the music you’ve chosen too!
  5. Traditionally the soloist or choir sings at this point, accompanied by the organist
  6. Music during the signing is normally quite gentle, to contrast with the exit of the bridal couple, which usually follows on


  1. We think it’s important that your recessional (exit music) should start with a bang, so…
  2. …avoid pieces with long introductions
  3. For maximum impact, use the choir if you have one


You’ll probably need to choose one or two readings.

Here are some bible readings

…and here are some non-religious readings